Posted in April 2012

Module 14 – Crank

This module was over poetry and short stories. I choose to take a look at Crank, a novel in verse. Summary: Kristina Snow is a well-rounded girl who makes good grades and is well behaved. When she comes back from a visit to her estranged father, however her personality changes. She insists on being called … Continue reading

Module 12 – The Burn Journals

Summary  This is an autobiography about a teenager who sets himself on fire in a failed suicide attempt. The rest of the book is about living with the aftermath of this decision. As he recovers and goes back to school he deals with the complicated question of why he tried to kill himself. Impressions This book read like … Continue reading

Module 11 – Hitler Youth

Summary This non-fiction book follows the lives of many Hitler Youth and other young Germans during Nazi Germany. Some of the youth were completely taken in by Hitler’s propaganda while others, like the White Rose group, fought against it. Many of the youth fought and died in battle or were executed for treason. Impressions This book explained … Continue reading

Module 10 – The Book Thief

This module was over historical fiction, which I couldn’t imagine enjoying, but I loved The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Summary: Liesel Meminger is a young, orphaned girl in Nazi Germany living with foster parents. The story of her life is told in a non-linear fashion from the point of view of Death.  Liesel’s brother … Continue reading

Module 9 – The Ruby in the Smoke

Summary: Sally Lockhart, a self-made teenager in the late 1800s,  is an independent woman and gunslinger who dabbles with opium and aims to be an accountant.  The book begins when she gets a strange note from her late father’s business partner. When she visits the shipping company where her father used to work, Sally realizes that she has stumbled upon a dangerous mystery. While … Continue reading