Module 8 – Gregor the Overlander


This book is about a young man, Gregor, who lives with his two younger sisters and mother in a cramped New York apartment. Their father has been missing, but Gregor and his baby sister, Boots, soon find out where he went when they slide down a laundry shoot to the Underland. An entire world of giant insects and pale people live deep under the city. Here, Gregor fulfills a prophecy in an amazing adventure to find his father.


I felt like this was a very well put together book. The characters all had depth and dimention and the world was different from anything I had ever read about before. I am in the middle of reading a few of the sequels and I think they keep going strong. I have suggested this book to parents who think The Hunger Games is too violent for their children. It’s the same author, but a less tragic tale.

Professional Review:

“Collins creates a fascinating, vivid, highly original world and a superb story to go along with it, and Gregor is endearing as a caring, responsible big brother who rises triumphantly to every challenge. This is sure to be a solid hit with young fantasy fans (2003 Sullivan).”


This might be a good book to pair with an assignment on insects. You could have the students list the phylum and class of the bugs you encounter in the book. In a public library setting, I would suggest bringing in a bug specialist to talk to kids during a program.


Collins, S. (2003). Gregor the Overlander. New York: Scholastic.

Sullivan, E. (2003). Gregor the Overlander. The Booklist Online. Retrieved from


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